Button not showing up in phone app

Hi Everyone.

I have a page on my app (see picture below) that is supposed to display 3 buttons… The 3 show up correctly on my PC but the first one is missing on the phone app. Any thoughts that would help me figure out? Thanks for your help.

What is that button linking to, Hugo?

I would check for any visibility conditions you may have set on the button. Otherwise, have you recently added the button? Have you force closed and reopened the app on your phone?

No the button was there since the begining. Yes, I have closed and reopened but no success…

It links to a list of pets the vet takes care of…

Closing and reopening the app on the phone forces me to get a new code every time I log in… is that a normal thing or did I miss something?

Did you ever get anything figured out with your issues? Is there any chance you could share a link to your app to see if the button shows up for me?

As for the new pin code every time…that normally shouldn’t happen. Once you are signed in, it should keep you signed in to that app. My best guess is that you may have a setting in your browser to clear the cache or cookies regularly, so it keeps forgetting your sign in credentials every time you close it.

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You should not have to sign in every time you open the app. Does your browser have non-standard settings regarding cookies or storage?

Sorry for the delay. I kinda dropped the ball as I got a bit frustrated. Although I have a web dev background, it was obviously going to take me more than “5 minutes” to build up that app…
I also focused on designing a larger version of the app with more functionalities and realized that Glide might not be the right tool to develop the app.
I might get back to it for simpler apps, though.

Thanks for your help.


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I’ll check that out. Thanks for your help.