Sign In / Sign Up Buttons Gone on Glide Page Mobile View

Hi, I have a public Glide page with optional sign in set to allow anyone to sign in or sign up. Until yesterday, the sign in / sign up buttons were visible in the top right when viewing the page on a mobile device. This morning, the buttons aren’t there and they’re also not in the side menu. Any thoughts on how to get them back? Don’t see a setting anywhere. Thank you so much for the help!

This might seem like a silly question, but are you already signed in by any chance?
If you were, that would explain the missing buttons. They only appear to users that aren’t already signed in.


Haha not a silly question but not already signed in…

Okay, so I just did a quick test with one of my own projects, and the buttons are still there…

So I’m not sure why yours might have disappeared.
I guess a couple of things to check…

  • Publishing control: do you use manual or auto publishing?
  • If manual, have you made any changes and not published them yet?
  • Can you share a screen shot of your privacy settings?

Thank you so much for your help! Using automatic publishing and privacy settings included in screenshot. Have a workaround so not as concerned on a fix more curious if I’m missing something! Thank you!!

No, sorry - I’m out of ideas.
They are the exact same privacy settings that I tested with, and the result was as per the screen shot that I shared.

Actually, one more thing to check - and I don’t know if this will get us any closer to a solution - but if you view the project in the builder and view as “Anyone”, do the buttons appear?

They do in both builder and desktop site…issue appears to only be on Mobile. Thank you again for your help!

oh, sorry I missed that!

Let me re-test on mobile. I’ve noticed that some things with Pages don’t work as well on mobile that they do on desktop, so this might be a bug.

Update: Yes, you’re right. The buttons don’t appear on mobile. Definitely looks like a bug to me.

@SantiagoPerez :point_up:


Thanks for checking it out! Added some code that returns a value if user is on mobile device and shows a button with sign in action, kind of prefer being able to custom place the button on mobile…

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Hi Bru I’m having the same issue.
any chance I could use your code implementation to fix.

Yep, I used the below in a javascript column - returns 1 if on mobile and 0 on desktop. Added a button with the action set to sign in that is visible if the value in the column is 1.

if(/Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry|IEMobile|Opera Mini/i.test(navigator.userAgent)){
  return 1
} else{
  return 0

Thanks for sharing. I’m still hoping the bug gets sorted. Did you by any chance report it as a bug?

Olá amigos! Estou exatamente com o mesmo problema em minhas páginas.
Alguém tem alguma posição da solução?

Mesmo problema no meu projeto - Os botões de login não aparecem no celular

I am having the same issue NOW, wasnt the case in the past. See desktop and mobile.

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Yeah that doesn’t seem right.

I wonder :thinking: (having read everything above) if this bug has official been reported to the team or just flagged on here?

Might be worth raising a support case? :person_shrugging:


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Thank you…


Is the button now showing? Just checked on mobile (iPhone) :point_down:

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Thanks, yes, working!