Sign in button disappears

I made a button for signing in.
I’m viewing as “anyone”.
Button is still disappearing.

Any ideas what the problem is?

I assume you have a visibility condition to only show the buttons when needed?

It disappears without any visibility conditions, but then I also tried to add a conditions like:

if ROW is empty


if email is empty

and nothing worked

Random thought, is your privacy to allow for people to sign in? Also I see you have two buttons and neither of them show. Have you tried adding a new button?

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I can’t replicate your error, two buttons are showing for me here.

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so weird, they are showing up for me now too and i haven’t even been at the computer.

I’m guessing it was a delayed response after i changed my privacy setting to allow people to sign in!

It wasn’t, and i think that was the key!

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