Button condition set properly but not working

My app’s URL: 7kuching.glideapp.io/
This is an internal app. There are some buttons with the visibility condition set based on the user. It works fine in editing mode, but the button doesn’t show at all regardless of who signs in on the viewing mode.

Any help?

This is what I see in editing mode.

This is what it comes out when viewing on the phone. The buttons don’t show.

What does the column “Squad Leader” contain? Is it a user profiles column?

Yes, it’s under user profile. It’s a relationship column with a Member directory in another sheet, which has a record if he/she is a leader.

Any chance you have row owners in one of those Sheets?

No, there isn’t because I don’t comprehend this “row owner” to use it. :rofl:
In fact, the buttons visibility condition works fine until recently it just break.

Would you mind creating a Team in the Glide dashboard, invite ariesarsenal@gmail.com, move a COPY of that app to the Team so I can have a look for you?

I really love to only if I could, because there are quite a handful of private details about Members in the app.
At the moment, I created a new boolean column in user profile tab, and manually set each leader as true. Then point the visibility condition to this new column and the problem resolved. The disadvantage of doing so is it loses automation. Any new leader onboard I will need to maintain both the directory and the user profile.

So what specific setup did you have before to have that automation?