Button components disappearing

My app’s URL: https://even-reading-7315.glideapp.io/

I’m using buttons to navigate between tabs, and also do other custom actions. Twice today I’ve had buttons randomly disappear after making changes to, (but not removing), custom actions. It’s annoying to say the least because you lose the button, and your custom actions.

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Did you put a condition in the button action? If that condition is not met the button is not shown…

As @PabloMFalero said, you need to make sure your condition is met.

You need to have some like if relation is empty>add row. Else > show notification

Thanks guys for the quick response. But the issue is not action conditions or component visibility, the button component is actually being removed entirely. Browser refreshing and exiting the GDE / going back in isn’t bringing it back. The issue happened to me twice yesterday, with two different buttons.

Image 2021-05-19 at 9.39.37 AM

Are your custom actions still tied correctly to the buttons? What actions are you using?

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by this. The button gets completely wiped from the list of components and the actions are gone with it.

Set columns in this row, add row in subsequent table, set columns in subsequent table, navigate to subsequent tab.

If the buttons are completely gone then it’s a bug, I had one case in the past where an action is still there but it returns an error when I tried to edit it.

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