Button Bar

I am using the button bar to connect to two different forms. Left button connects to Form 1 and right button connects to Form 2. For some reason the entire bar defaults to Form 1 so left and right buttons take me to form 1 only. What am I doing wrong? Could it be that the button bar wasn’t designed for the same action (e.g. Show Form) to two different destinations (Form 1 and Form 2) and can only be used for two different actions?

Maybe there’s still a bug???


They notified me of a fix and now I’m able to do this.

I did have to delete my old buggy button bar component and add it again for this to work thought.

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Thankyou @Adam_Crossley and @Jeff_Hager. I had to delete the buggy old component and add a brand new button bar. Its working correctly now. thanks again.