Link to Different Forms (or Relation) from 1 Page


I want to setup a page with different buttons that link to different forms.
I can setup one button how I want, but when I add a second and make changes to that for submission it changes the details for both.

I remember hearing in a tutorial video how to get around this but I couldn’t find it. I’ve search the docs including the working with forms and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Can you describe some more and include screenshots? A form button should always have a unique screen for each button, but it sounds like you are not using a form button. I think we need some clarification on how you have it set up now. A form button will give you a unique form for each button, but if you are using an inline list as your “buttons”, then they would share the same form. Unless you are using a list that goes to a view details screen, then that will also have the same layout, unless you turn on independent screen configuration.

But to give you the proper answer, we’ll need more information describing and showing how you have it set up now.


You are right, I did not use a form button. I used a button with some logic that I followed in this thread.

The essence of my app is a journaling app, that encourages you to fill out 4 different “prompts” each day.
So I want to have 4 buttons that allow a user to make an entry for that day. This button should be smart enough to know when no entry has been made, thus allowing the user to add a new row to the table for that day’s entry OR if an entry for the day for that prompt has been made, it should show you that entry and allow you to edit it.

With the multiple buttons, everytime I edit one page that you’re taken to it impacts all.

This is my inspiration that I mocked up:

This is what I have set up, but currently the 2 buttons will both make you edit the same “prompt”. Every time I edit the components on the page after clicking on one button, it updates the other page your taken to after tapping that button making them both seem like the same button (same functionality or both buttons are editing the same prompt).

It’s almost like I need the independent screen configuration, but I’m using a button not a list.

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Did you happen to copy the first button to create the second button? I assume you have a custom action on both, so I’m wondering if they are both sharing the same action if you copied the button. If that’s the case, you may have to delete the second button and recreate it and the actions from scratch.


oh wow! that’s exactly what I did, because I thought I could just edit the custom action.

I did it from scratch and now things are working! Thank you!

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I can’t say if that is truly the cause of the problem. I would think that normally a duplicate component would also duplicate the action and it would be become a completely separate action. I don’t think I’ve ever ran into a case where a custom action was shared between components…yet…but out of caution, I usually create components from scratch just to be safe.

Glad you got it working.


I faced this problem days ago. Copied a button with a link to screen action and the screen was copied over (so any changes made from either side will cause the screen to change). Had to do it from scratch.


So maybe the custom actions are copied and unique to that component, but any Link to Screen actions within that custom action probably still have the same underlying connection to the existing link to screen.

Today I was copying components with custom actions, but had no issues when changing the actions on each component. But I probably haven’t noticed any problems, because I haven’t duplicated components with custom actions that also had a link to screen. I suppose the Link to Screen action in that copy points to the same screen.