Buttons and New Pages

When I add a button or an image, I can set it to open a new page. From there I can customize the page the user lands on… If I want a button or and image in another location that links to the same page, how do I link it to the instance of the page with the same layout and components as the page previously created?

Hi Chip,

Apologize in advance if I get this wrong but I also have the same structure for one of my apps.

Here’s one of the button: “News” on the top, which redirect users to a “News” tab that I previously created, and it linked exactly like you want to.

The key is that I created the “News” tab before adding this homepage and the “News” button. Can you verify that creating the tab first, then the button later would do the thing you want?

I only experience having to design the layout and components all over again when I work with inline lists.

Interesting. Thank you for sharing. Yes I created the “tab” first, but it’s not a tab in the navigation. So it seems like every time I create a link to the page, it creates a fresh instance of the page.

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That’s by design. This allows you to create different top level screens against the same sheet, whether it’s a tab or a button. This allows for having several buttons pointed to the same sheet, but with different layouts. Anything below the top level (like the details from a list), will have the same design throughout the app.

Link to Screen buttons are not linking to the tab. They are looking to the sheet. Like I said, the to level from a button or tab can have different layouts.

Thanks for the clarification. That makes sense. Is there any way to copy an existing layout with specific components and configurations, then apply them to info in a sheet?

No, there’s not (yet)