Make "Button" and "Button Bar" interchangeable

Would be amazing to turn a button into a button bar. Doing so would prompt a selection to make the current button the left or right (or if not possible to prompt, left by default).

As well as the ability to turn a button bar into a button. Ideally a prompt of which button to keep would be nice. OR it just turns the button bar into two button components (ideal).

You can do this with visibility and custom actions.

Ok you will have some buttons and button bars on your tab. But… Who cares :wink:


Button and Button bar are two separate components.

This will be possible very soon once compound actions are resuable!

Not for the user end, for our end as developers. Example:

Above I created the “Add a pokemon.” button awhile back. Its has a lot of complexity to it and would be annoying to recreate. Later on, I decided to add three more buttons. Aesthetically, it would be nice to combine “Add a pokemon.” and “View My Pokemon” into a button bar.


This will solve a lot. :slight_smile: Though the added functionally in case your buttons do not use a compound action would be nice. Especially in cases where you have already built a link to screen that has a lot of time invested into different components.

But yes! Moving forward with reusable compound actions it would be smarter to create those cases in compound actions.


You can do that by setting the visibility condition for those button individually.

  • one can be seen when “relation to pokemon table is empty”
  • other button can be seen when “relation to pokemon table is Not empty.”

I think single component with single setting concept is already perfect to get things done rather than lots of logics/switchings in one component. So i think it’s fine for how it goes around here like this at the moment.

Yes, agreed.
I have several similar situations where I’d like to replace two individual buttons with a single button bar, but I’ve avoided it because it’s a hassle to re-create the associated actions.


What they mean is use both and allow data to determine which is visible.

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With that many buttons I would make a inline list and set every item to Independent screen configuration so I could customize the buttons, get them together and make my own custom button for each one.

Kind of like this. The ondeck system in this app thats used for 3 locations has their own custom buttons and tie in well with the scheme.

Your design is nice, I like the three style “buttons” with an inline line! I can see how this would be easier to manipulate into one, two, four, or more buttons. Instead of independent screen configuration, you could create an action and use if statements to make it even more versatile. It will scale really well once you can reuse actions.

This solution still does not solve what I have an issue with, though.

Agreed!!! Know what we need? A way to save our Link to Screen layouts!


@Travis I can see that some people have misunderstood your feature request. Maybe consider re-titling it for better clarity? Something like “Make Buttons & Button Bar Interchangeable” might be clearer?

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Yes, if we actually had a list of saved screens and saved compound actions.