Independent visibility of button bar

It’d be great if we could configure the visibility of button bar indepentley, meaning hide the buttons independently.

*Haven’t tried this yet but thought about it the other day:

You could just use two button bar components, visibility conditions and to achieve this with the button bar.

If this = show button bar 1 (two buttons: buttons coloured with or without icon or text)

If else = show button bar 2 (1 button with button colour, text and/or icon, second button text is emptycharacter, no button colour or icon).

Either way, only one button bar is showing, depending on the visibility conditions.

hmm, nice idea but I don’t think it will work very well.
Although you can “hide” one of the buttons, the problem is that it appears you can’t configure either of the buttons with action = none. So even though the button won’t be visible, it’ll still be clickable.

So to remove it completely would probably require a bit of CSS fiddling.

Yeah, good point. Could you not make the “blank” button an “Open link” action, and in the “custom/custom url” option when populating it, just use this “#”. It kind of turns it into a dead link…

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I see your point, however I’d like to have actions but then hide/show button if X is met. I thought about this, but have two button bars and have opposite blank buttons, but if at some point I want to have both visible it’d look weird

True…welp, then +1 for your request! haha

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I do just that, and it always worked well !!!

For no action buttons I set them to “Reshuffle” this makes them null !!!

Good, glad it worked. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just remember though with “Reshuffle” action that if you have any list or inline list filtered or sorted “Randomly” on that page, the reshuffle action will reshuffle them.

Yes, that’s why its “null” use works in any situation other than its normal function !!!

Perhaps a workaround is to use an in-line list that shows 2 cards side by side. The list is comprises pairs of button images, one for each button status and you can control the visibility of each card using the filter feature. You could even have a blank card for the left hand button in case you want to hide the left button but keep the right hand button on the right hand side of the screen.

In addition to the column images you would need a second column with button details. If titles are static then great. If not, you would requires some ‘column set action’ programing.