Button -> "None" action

Hi, instead of using workaround, it would be useful to have a “None” action for buttons (as for inline lists etc).

Agreed. I’ve asked for this over a year ago.

Reshuffle is as close as it gets.

Just curious :face_with_monocle: what’s the use case for having a button with an action of ‘none’?

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mmm, good question.
As a user, when I see a button my expectation is that if I tap on it, “something” will happen. An untappable button seems like a recipe for user confusion, no?

Also you can make a Open Link acction and in the custom link write ‘#’ this (without ’ ’ ) and that will be an empty link with do nothing.

But maybe it will be useful to show an empty button only with the outline and expecting to fill some things before show the full button with functionality. That button needs an action to be displayed. I’m using the empty link # to make the button visible but with no action.

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Yes, there needs to be an option for a deactivated or greyed button, that will get activated when certain conditions are met. Right now, the only option is to make the button appear and dissappear. So, a None action is useful.

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What I normally do in that case is show a (failed) notification that tells the user what they need to do. eg. fill in all required fields

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Uoo that’s a good idea! I will think about start using that feature! Thanks!

In lieu of an “action: none”, perhaps button components should be able to have an enabled or disabled status.

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  • Enable/Disable validation
  • … more original: use as a design element

Yup, exactly what I do. At least it gives a reason for the inactive button.

I can see that Glide has implemented a “None” action.

Thanks, Glideapps!

On “inline list” and “action text”, yes; but do you also have it on “buttons”?

Oh sorry, it is not there for buttons.