1. Why there is no possibility to input Custom link for button? I can input a link only through the table.

  2. Why dissappear possibility to choose None action in the list of Actions. It was so usefull to make “fake” buttons showing inactive state (for example when you are not filled required form).

I feel you and agree we could also input directly in the buttons.
Have you ever tried to create a Template column putting the link there?

Yup, but we also can do it in 2 ways:

  • A trick I learned here a while ago was also create a template column and just put a # and set the button to open link with this column
  • Use the reshuffle action (make sure you dont have any inline list with Randomly sorted of)
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Ohh, tough tricks to make simple things(( Glide was made to simplify apps creation, but in reality…

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When Glide designed the button, I think they did not see a use case of a none action. From their side I can understand, the wording should be an on/off state for buttons and we discussed that with their design guy Antonio a while ago.

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