More Buttons in Buttons Bar

Hi Everyone :croissant:
I💖the design of the buttons bar. It almost looks like spreadsheet tabs. But I’d love to set more buttons / icons bar, like a toolbar actually. Let’s say up to 8 in one single row. And with customizable spacing, padding. Align icons & text left / center / right.
Here’s some examples : alphabetical, numerical, icons only, by category of components. With the current layout, it’s impossible in one buttons bar.
To organise and filter the display on screen to only what user wants without scrolling.
Thks :sparkling_heart::croissant::cherry_blossom::cowboy_hat_face::teddy_bear::coffee:and for @Darren_Murphy emoticons special tax::golfing_woman:🏌‍♂with bonus green, fairway, swing and I-don’t-know-how-you-say-direct-to-target-in-one

I know this may not be the answer you’re looking for, but you could create your own icons in Canva or Photoshop (or somewhere of the like), upload/add them to the app and format them using an inline list, and then add actions to each of them. Just my 2 cents! :nerd_face:

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thks for your 2 cents, I value them :cherry_blossom: for a TOC it will be fine, vertically.
But horizontally with 1 action per icon to show only one part of the detail screen, looks somehow too much components loading for so little display :grin:
The reading comfort to read what’s accurate could be ruined by too much layers (several inlines, hence several columns in tables) of even smart computations…
I use flaticons most of the time, and SVG when accepted.
I keep your idea in mind for sth else :wink::compass: 🙋 :bulb: :tangerine: