Business consideration and glide pricing model

Friends, I am truly impressed how people are able to build high quality business / personal apps with glide. Sometimes it feels too good to be true. Touch wood!. I am building an app / service that I think is helpful for people at large and will be able to make a good business for myself and my team. I have some questions.

  1. Why is there a huge price difference between PRO and Business tiers? 19$ vs 199$

  2. Say I develop an idea and then put it out in the market. Can I seamlessly change the tiers? Is intervention from glide personnel required?

  • 2a. Up scenario: I am in free tier. People start liking my app ($) and I see it is going to cross 500 rows. Can I select PRO tier at that time? After a few weeks, more and more ($$) people start using my app. Can I select Business tier at that time?
  • 2b. Down scenario: I see my app is loosing traction in market and there are fewer than 25K rows. Can I downgrade to PRO from Business? After a few weeks, it has less than 500 rows. Can I downgrade to Free from PRO?
  1. Need advice on pricing model for my business. I know glide charges per month (recurring). But the idea I am developing, I think most people will pay one time (not recurring). I also feel there will be a steady or growing flow of new customers. Say my service costs 20$ one time. So I will need 120 customers per year to break-even with glide yearly fee of 2400$. My total prospect size is around 1.5 million people per year. There will be other personnel cost, expenses and investments for growing the business which I am guessing are 10 times glide expense.
  • 3a. What are certain risk factors with one time pay model?
  • 3b. How can I reduce above risks? E.g. Allow access for 2 years and then give customer dump of their data in format they can use for life? So after 2 years customer’s rows will be deleted and transferred.
  • 3c. If all customer data is kept forever (say family tree), how will it affect performance for active users?

Please share your knowledge and guidance.


Hello, i will try to respond to some of your point.

  1. I think for now there is not a lot of Business App. This Package is for big companies who want to use it in internal work and who need help to build the help.
    I only know people with PRO app. But the difference of price is interesting :wink: I will ask if i speak with a dev or a Glide Staff.

  2. Normally you can change your pack when you want, it depend the way that you charge your payement. Annually or monthly. Look at You have all the information.

  3. If you take the pro app it will cost you around 230$ per year for your glide Pro APP. At the beginning is maybe the better move to make, to save money. And you maybe have time to get rid of the 25k row. After this maybe you could think at the Business Pack. You need to know you ROI about the glide app. Is it Add on the website or only the pay one time of the customer ? 20$ for a year ? this is not so much. If you trust your idea make 40 or 50$ a year.

Then for the row and the space maybe you could keep the information just for 1 year. Or it depend of the uses of the app.

Sorry for my english ^^

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