Bus schedule app | Need help :)

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I am trying to make a “transport timetable” application.

Briefly about the application:
I am parsing schedule data into google tables using an app script. On the main screen, the user has two drop-down lists (“choise element”) where he chooses the first station and the final stop. After that, the user clicks the “Show” button and gets to the screen of the selected station (a separate google table for each station).

Information from the second drop-down list is used as a station filter.

During the development process, I ran into some problems.

  1. I want to make it possible to select the starting station using the drop-down list (“Choise” element). However, the glide simply overwrites the cells in the station table. I found a solution by simply providing limited access to the table so that the data is not overwritten. But I still did not figure out how to make a redirect. (Linked lists could not be implemented, since I have 16 stations, and there is a separate sheet for each station.)

  2. How do I use the selected value in the second dropdown list as an endpoint filter on another screen? I re-read the help, but I still can’t find how to implement it.

P.S. There is no authorization in the application. I don’t want to record any users data to table.

Excuse my imperfect English.
I really hope for help from the Glide community!

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  • Use User Specific Columns as the targets for your choice components. This will ensure individual user choices are segregated.
  • To filter your second list, use the value that was written to the first User Specific Column as a result of the first choice.