Bug report for bar chart

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Learn how to create one: https://gl.ink/slink

Describe the bug:
The Basic Expenses template uses a donut chart to display the numbers 2037.83, 110.00, and 14.33. Changing to other chart types, pie or stack, displays the same numbers, but changing to a bar chart displays the numbers 1, 2, 3

Expected Behaviour:
should display the same data

How to replicate:
start new project, change to edit mode, select the chart and change the typr

You can create one using https://www.loom.com/

Glide charts are pretty basic. I don’t use them, but I believe the bar chart functions a little differently from the other built in charts. If you have some screenshots of your data and the chart settings, maybe we can see what’s going on.

A lot of us build charts using quickchart.io and use them as images in the app. That give a lot more flexibility and a lot more chart types to choose from. If you search the forum for quickchart, you will find several posts regarding it’s use. There’s a bit of learning curve to learn how to construct the url for the chart, but it’s pretty powerful once you figure it out.


Ooops, I now realise I missed something. The bar chart component expects to use at least 2 columns, one for labels and the other column(s) for values. There’s a little link I missed, ‘Add quantity’; you click that to add the next column. It all seems to work perfectly.

Sorry about that.

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