Can't make bar chart work with math values as Y-axis

Hey guys,

I have a dashboard screen with revenue related charts
My data is a sheet with sales items, all having a date + time
I have created a ‘month’ column (format YYYY/MM) using math + template columns for my chart x-axis
And I am trying to show my profits as Y-axis.
The profit is simply sale price * commission / 100
When I use the profit column, it shows 0 for all months, although I can see the values in data editor

Let me know if there is anything I do wrong

PS: When I use the price column instead of profit math column, it works fine, so the template Month column seems fine.

Thanks in advance for the help


Does it work if you remove units (euro) from the math column, then apply units through the chart settings? Just wondering if it’s not recognizing it as a number.

Hey Jeff,

Same with or without the unit

Just for the sake of trying, can you create a template column that duplicates the value in the math column? May have to remove units. Then use the template column in the chart. Otherwise, this seems like a bug to me.

Still displaying 0 for all months

Will leave it to the Glide team to fix then.

Thanks for your help debugging @Jeff_Hager :pray:t5:

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Any chance you have row owners for this app? Have you tried seeing this on a real device?


ThinDinh my man!
The commission was indeed coming from a row owner-ed table
I switched to a duplicate table and it’s now working

I guess what confused me is that the lookup does not show the hidden values greyed out like in the table itself

Anyway I will try to keep that in mind, thanks mate and thanks again Jeff for the help debugging earlier