Bug with charts, its displaying the column name on the chart

This is the first time i see this. The column name for the x-axis is now displayed on the chart.

Is it a bug though? Do you mean you expected just “Apr 5 2024” and “11”?

it was never like this. Why would the column name appear on the graph !
I guess they are making updates to the chart component and this must have just appeared by mistake.

If you have any charts in apps, have a look . i don’t recall this appearing at all before.

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I guess I don’t see what the problem is. A bar chart can have multiple bars per x axis item, so it’s nice to know what each bar represents. You can change the caption to whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be the column name.

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I don’t have any items in the list. I am displaying how many assets were tracked per day.

I only have the x-axis value assigned. This wasn’t the case last week i am on this app daily doing updates.
Screenshot 2024-04-07 at 3.38.43 PM

OK, so you are only doing row counts instead of column value amounts. I see what you are saying. I guess I would probably create a working table with 7 rows and set it up so it dynamically calculates the last 7 days as dates, and then use a relation to link each date to your data, and then use a Rollup to count the rows for each date from the relation. Then you can set up your chart based on that working table and have an item that displays the Rollup value. That will give you the option to type in a custom Caption.

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I had this before and displayed a summary of all actions per day on the app. But i decided to reduce computed columns to the minimum to allow for better performance as the row counts increases …

Previously if only the x-axis was assigned, then only the total count was shown, without a reference to the column name. I guess now the default is the column name if no custom caption is assigned.

I guess the alternative is to change the column heading to something more friendly, which I’m guessing is not something you prefer to do. Or you could create a simple template column that duplicates the date and has a friendly heading name, and then use that for your x-axis.

Or you could hope and wait for Glide to make a change to the chart, but you could be waiting a long time.


I guess i can leave it like this… Thank you Jeff for the clarification.

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