Something happened to bar charts

Just to flag that all the bar charts in my app got broken overnight. It looks like you made some back end changes whereby the “Quantity” section for each dropped off completely.

I’ve reinstated the relevant columns, but as you’ll see in the attached, the labels are now illedgible. Will this be resolved soon?

Hello! I will take a look at this. It seems like the labels don’t show up because there’s not enough space for the text to appear. Although, it does look like there’s a lot of space between the bars, is there another column that you use that doesn’t have data? If you link your app, I can take a look :slight_smile:

For the text issue, if you click or tap on the bar it should now show you the label, quantity, and value :)!

As I say, it was all working fine, then overnight (UK), all the bar charts broke. No changes made to the sheet.

I’ll fix this for you! thanks for finding the issue :slight_smile:

Any news on the label issue ? As mentioned, they were rendering OK prior to something changing earlier this week.

Hey! Fix is done, should be out on Monday!

That’s marvellous. Thanks for taking the time to give an update.

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Yeah of course :slight_smile:

They’ve gone a bit weird again. This time with the y axis.

Screenshot of Safari (11-02-2020, 4-10-25 pm)

Looking into it!

It’s actually displaying correctly, you’re showing the number of people who are of that age and so the variance of the y-axis goes from 0 to 5.4. I agree it’s a little weird because the numbers aren’t rounded and pretty, but the data is correct.

Sorry. I don’t really understand. As always with bar charts, it used to look OK, but now doesn’t. Here’s a screen grab from a week or so ago when it looked more like what you would naturally expect.

So there are always seven numbers on the y-axis, the math calculates what numbers to show based on the data it’s given. The reason it looked nice above is because it’s the numbers from 0-6 so it was exactly 7 numbers. It seems like now, the max number is 5 in your data so it’s trying to get 7 numbers from 0 to 5 so that it can fit the bars. This is why there are decimal numbers.

We’re thinking of having a meeting on how we handle data in charts soon :). If this is a big issue, I’ll let you know what we decide on. I feel like the y-axis should always be multiples of 5 or if it’s numbers less than 10, it should just show more lines.

Great. I now understand. Thanks for clarifying. I think it may well be prudent to revisit how y-axis increments are attributed. It’s not a huge issue for me as I’m just tinkering with the generous free service. However, I can imagine that, if being used in a commercial environment, the present set up might be less than ideal and even confusing.