Bar chart limit of items

Have any of you found the limit of bars in the bar chart?
I’m building an app for a customer that should have a daily bar… I’m worried what will happen in 2 months (60 bars)… @tru @Antonio

Based on your stress levels, we better figure this out quick!


right? haha


I don’t know the quantity, but I have an application that reached 21.


It doesn’t show more than 21? Or that’s all the data you have?

are all the data I have

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With 60 bars, your client’s smartphone might have to start growing sideways. :wink:

I did see a post about this very topic. Someone had a ton of data points in their bar chart. The chart looked very, very crowded. Ths bars were 1-2px wide and if I remember correctly at one point it stopped displaying correctly.

I’m sorry I cannot remember the name of the topic, but I know I saw this somewhere.

awesome. I’ll search for it.

I know this is a horrible answer: maybe you could duplicate your clients app if it is in production so you have an app to test, create the table and the chart component, and then copy-paste rows? You’ll see when it starts looking like a bar code :slight_smile:

Yeah, I went through the lazy way of asking here… I guess I’ll have to do that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And you’re right to have done so, that’s what the forum is for. We also all learn together.

Did you find that post?

Looked for it, but couldn’t find it

Hola @eltintero

We have talked about this issue before but I can tell you again: the problem with bar charts is caused by the amount of points to be showed. Currently Glide has a limit which will be increased soon (I hope so)

The trick so far is to use a filter, in my App I set it to Cases> 20 and this improved my charts.

A rare curiosity is when you move your phone from vertical to a horizontal position: The lost bars and data suddenly appear in your screen so, the problem depends on screen resolution.

Saludos a todos

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So it’s 100 %. Responsive, that’s good.

It’s a good idea to add a counter and limit the number of appearances.
I’ll do that

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