Bug and feature request of "Charts"

Hi Glide team,
I recently built a Glide app to keep track of the coronavirus in Spain.
My app’s URL: https://coronavirusesp.glideapp.io

Based on those data, it’s logic to present them in a visualized way. By having used the three types of charts in Glide, I have one bug to report and one feature to request.

  1. Bug: can’t round the decimals
    As the screenshot below shows, the pie chart always displays the long digits after the dot although I have already rounded the number in Google Sheet.


  1. Feature request: a vertical bar chart
    I would love to see another type of bar graph like the one below in near future. It is hard to display category groups in horizontal axis when there are so many of them, like date, region, age group in my case. So in the end, I had to hide all labels on bars.


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You’ll have to format the number in Glide:

Oh, yes! My bad, I didn’t pay much attention to that although I received the newsletter where this newly function was presented.

yes @gangyao, a new vertical bar chart will be more usefull.

In my App dedicated to Venezuela and South America cases, I had to filter the data in some charts to get a good look, otherwise, the bars become so thin that are difficult to see or they dissapear. https://vzla-covid19.glideapp.io/

In this screenshot, my filter is set to Cases > 20 to reduce some data and get a visible chart

I suppose there are a limit of points (values) that Glide’s charts are able to support and I’d like to know it to avoid future problem! … any number friend @Mark?

Thanks in advance for your help


Yes, our bar chart is currently limited to a relatively small number of bars. We intend to improve it.

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Thanks for your app, which reminds me to use filter function to hide some missing value :clap: