Sort by date in a donut chart

Either i am new or this feature doesn’t exist but, in a donut chart I’ve used to show total number of active coronavirus cases in my country. The legends aren’t sorted according to date but by value. And i want to sort by date. I am having trouble doing that. I have tried the filtering feature but i don’t find that to be working. If there is some way around which I am missing please tell me otherwise i request glide tam to add this very important and simple feature
Thank you very much.

I’m not seeing a way to change the sorting in the chart legend for a donut or pie chart, but I also haven’t done much with charts. From what I can see, it doesn’t look possible, but a bar chart might be a better choice. It looks like you can control sorting of the bar chart.

Bar Graphs do not work as intended, for example i take date as x-axis and number of daily cases per day
but no ‘bars’ appear and do not really understand why. ---------------> This is my app

Hi @Arnauv_Gilotra

The problem with bar charts is caused by the amount of points to be showed. Currently Glide has a limit which will be increased soon (I hope so)

The trick so far is to use a filter, in my App I set it to Cases> 20 and this improved my charts.

A rare curiosity is when you move your phone from vertical to a horizontal position: The lost bars and data suddenly appear in your screen so, the problem depends on screen resolution.

I hope it helps


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Looking the answer, it seems that this a topic to improve.

I have a chart, that estimate (forecast) the data of the month in an internet plan. So I have a free quota (40 GB for example), then I must consider the excess to project with the daily consumption the rest of the month. So I want a chart that always shows this items in the same order (free quota, excess and forecast) but this doesn’t happen.

Sorry my not good English!

Same here. I reported this specific case with more info in this thread, but unfortunately no development seems to happen on this area.

You can consider using while waiting for native support.

hey man that’s a great suggestion! would you have an example of how to use this within glide though? gotta admit I never tried to use external api’s in glide before, only embedded in my sheets.
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Probably you can find something useful in this thread here.

Personally I have done this for 2 apps and the most challenging thing is to how to format the data the right way so I can use them in template columns.

Quickchart has a sandbox environment for you to test out ideas, then generate the URL and replace your data. Good support via email as well.

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Hold on, everything can be solved within sheets if it is not already available in Glide. Create a separate column that uses the SORT function in Google sheets. The function supports multiple ways of sorting the data and you can use this column to provide the visual with its data. Also, you can build a chart directly onto your google sheets and publish it. Use the image link as the image in your app.

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Thanks everyone for these workarounds, that helps me for the time being. Still hope glide will soon “fix” sorting of graph data by just adding it to all variants — should be easy enough since they do provide it for regular bar charts :slight_smile:

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