Sort by date in a donut chart

Either i am new or this feature doesn’t exist but, in a donut chart I’ve used to show total number of active coronavirus cases in my country. The legends aren’t sorted according to date but by value. And i want to sort by date. I am having trouble doing that. I have tried the filtering feature but i don’t find that to be working. If there is some way around which I am missing please tell me otherwise i request glide tam to add this very important and simple feature
Thank you very much.

I’m not seeing a way to change the sorting in the chart legend for a donut or pie chart, but I also haven’t done much with charts. From what I can see, it doesn’t look possible, but a bar chart might be a better choice. It looks like you can control sorting of the bar chart.

Bar Graphs do not work as intended, for example i take date as x-axis and number of daily cases per day
but no ‘bars’ appear and do not really understand why. ---------------> This is my app

Hi @Arnauv_Gilotra

The problem with bar charts is caused by the amount of points to be showed. Currently Glide has a limit which will be increased soon (I hope so)

The trick so far is to use a filter, in my App I set it to Cases> 20 and this improved my charts.

A rare curiosity is when you move your phone from vertical to a horizontal position: The lost bars and data suddenly appear in your screen so, the problem depends on screen resolution.

I hope it helps


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