Add "Sort" to all Chart styles

Could you please add support for the Sort functionality in all chart layouts? It’s currently already possible to sort a Bar Chart (screenshot A), but somehow it’s not available when you switch to a Pie Chart or Donut Chart (screenshot B).

A. Features tab – Chart (Layout Style: Bar)

Screenshot 2020-06-05 20.03.03

B. Features tab – Chart (Layout Style: Pie | Donut)

Thanks in advance!

How would you “sort” a pie/donut chart though? Like you want the first item to start from a certain point in the pie or something?

Yes. Sorting the order of the segments (and with that, the legend and colors)

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Keep having these issues with my graphs, because the contents are automatically being re-ordered from largest to smallest. This happens for every chart type, except bar chart. It’s very inconvenient if you just want to keep items in a chart in a certain order, and also have them keep the same color for quick reference. Could you please add the sorting option for the other chart types as well?

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I guess it´s the same case I would like to show the legend in order of labels, right?

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Yeah, that’s what I mean. It would be nice to be able to sort order in Pie charts (and others) as well. Now it’s only possible for Bar charts.

Alexandre, please note that a fallback solution for you could be to switch to a Bar chart (see my first screenshot). But of course you will lose the quick relative overview - a key benefit that a pie chart gives.

I still hope the developers will enable this functionality for all charts at some point!

Even being able to set if the order is Descending or Ascending would already help. But better would be to also be able to set the parameter which is used for sort: e.g. sometimes it’s way more helpful to order the segments on their Label instead of their Value, like in my screenshots.

Seems strange that this is supported for Bar charts but not for the others


RE pie charts It would be nice to control the sort order of the legend.


I found this when searching if there was a way to sort a stack chart - in my case I want it to be sorted by quantity, largest to smallest (in the legend as well as the chart) instead of by the default sheet order. The weird thing I just discovered is that if I create it as a bar chart, sort in the order I want and then change it to a stack chart - my sort order is retained! Same for pie and donut charts. Might be a decent workaround for now.


Thanks for sharing!

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