Add "Sort" to all Chart styles

Could you please add support for the Sort functionality in all chart layouts? It’s currently already possible to sort a Bar Chart (screenshot A), but somehow it’s not available when you switch to a Pie Chart or Donut Chart (screenshot B).

A. Features tab – Chart (Layout Style: Bar)

Screenshot 2020-06-05 20.03.03

B. Features tab – Chart (Layout Style: Pie | Donut)

Thanks in advance!

How would you “sort” a pie/donut chart though? Like you want the first item to start from a certain point in the pie or something?

Yes. Sorting the order of the segments (and with that, the legend and colors)

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Keep having these issues with my graphs, because the contents are automatically being re-ordered from largest to smallest. This happens for every chart type, except bar chart. It’s very inconvenient if you just want to keep items in a chart in a certain order, and also have them keep the same color for quick reference. Could you please add the sorting option for the other chart types as well?