How can I correctly arrange month in order when making the donut chart

When I select a donut chart , the months showing in legend below the chart are wrongly in order.
How can I correctly arrange the month in order when select the donut chart.

I don’t think there’s a way to do that.

If there’s a method that works, I’m definitely interested in learning. I could use that.

You could add a column to your data and number it using month numbers, then sort by that column.

If your data is dynamic, you can use an IFTHEN or the new Format Date plugin to get the month number from your date column.


…or a math column with the formula Month(Date) :slight_smile:


Duh! :man_facepalming:For my case I could use Day(Date)

Excellent! ty both

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Are you sure we can sort the Donut pie chart?

Under options for the donut pie chart there is no ‘sort’ field that I see.

I don’t know, I’ve never tried. I always use quickcharts :stuck_out_tongue:

But, if you can’t - then there is always the Sort Array Plugin :wink:


Ooooo fancy. It’s time for me to try a plugin.

Ya you can’t sort the native pie chart (without plugin I guess). You can however sort the native bar chart.