Donut chart

I know some use Quickcharts, it’s more versatile than Glide’s native charts (thinking of you @Darren_Murphy :wink: ). I prefer sticking to the native features.

  1. Why is it that my donut chart doesn’t start at 12 o’clock?
  2. The order is descending based on the quantity. Any easy way to use another attribute/column for the order: name alphabetical, sheet order, etc.?
  3. Icing on the cake: order in the donut and order in the table could be set differently.

There’s no way to sort Glide’s Donut chart or it’s legend. Perhaps it’s time for a feature request. You’ll have my vote :wave:

Let’s stick to 1. Do your charts fail to start at 12 o’clock as well?

I tried replicating your chart earlier and got exactly the same result. But as they say, if you need a bit more versatility…. :wink:


It does fail to start at 12. What I’d like the most is the ability to sort the legend. I could deal with the rest…

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One of the 2 reasons I use Quickchart and external code for Chart.js. The other is applying custom color codes.

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