Bars of charts disappearded, on android only

I looked a little bit on topics to see if i could find my problem but it seems there is no such report yet. I’m sorry if i missed it.

Since one or 2 weeks, all the bars on my charts are gone when i look at them on an android phone.

When you pass over the charts you can see the numbers, but the bars just disapeared.

I tried to change the type of chart and it doesn’t change anything. And the worst for me is that the bars are showing up on Iphones (grrrr… :)). Charts are also OK on my laptop (any previews).

Feel free to ask me more info. Looking forward to having my bars again :wink:
Thxs all,

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It looks like you have a huge amount of bars. How many rows of data are you trying to display? Usually when that happens, the bars need to get smaller and smaller to the point they are less than a pixel wide and disappear. I don’t know the exact number, but it probably depends on the resolution and width of your screen.

Is there any way you can filter the data, so they isn’t so much that you are trying to display?

I’d be curious to see a screenshot from one of your devices where it is working.

Hey Jeff, thanks for your fast answer :slight_smile:
I thought about that but i already dealt with this by limiting the amount of bars to 12 (January to december).
It seems there are a lot more bars but no, in fact it is because “january” is too long that you get that impression. And even if i put “Jan.” i also have this presentation.

No, sadly the problem is somewhere else… :confused:!

Here is the example from my laptop :slight_smile:
You have the same on iphone device


Just a test: move you phone from vertical to horizontal position and tell us if you can see your charts now?


Hello gvalero and thx :slight_smile:
i didnt know it was possible to have the horizontal screenview… great :smiley:
sadly, same bug in horizontal … :frowning:

Ok, I just tested my COVID-19 APP on Android (v10) and iOS and everything looks fine showing last 45 days.

When I showed 60+ days, my bars used to disappear but the phenomenon happened using any phone but on my laptop not due to its screen resolution.


Do you have a copy of your app to share for other android user’s to try? Also, which version of the OS and which browser are you using?

Hi @CREST_5, I have the same problem!
But maybe its something about the mobile.
I just changed to Redmi 8 Note (Xiaomi) and the bar charts desapears…In the old mobile still working, as in the laptop.

PS: I just synced the google account and the bar graph is back.
The default mobile installation was giving some bug, but now its all working perfectly!

Hello Rodrigo, I gave up with this problem two weeks ago as i had other bigger things to deal with, and suddnely all came back three days ago, … so all clear for me now even if i didnt get it :slight_smile:
Anyway, thanks yall for your input !

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