BUG in visibility


I think I’ve encounter a bug in the visibility feature. see the below example.
i set the visibility to be: "show componenet when Created Budget is TRUE

yet, although this user is FALSE the componenet is still showing:

@Mark, appreciates your help on this


Could you share your app, please?



I have found the same problem. I have 2 tabs from the same sheet and with the same filters in the first 2 components (Rich Text and Form Button). However, in the tab to create a post the visibility is not working, whereas in the profile tab it is :neutral_face:

Is it temporary, should I simply re-do the page… How have you fixed your problem? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

It’s very hard to tell from your screenshots what’s going on, especially since you don’t show us the visibility condition or your data. Would you mind sharing your app and describing exactly where in the app you expect to see what?

Thank you for the reply, Mark.

It was my mistake. I wasn’t using the filter e-mail is signed-in user.