Bug in delete rows in glide tables

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Did any of you encounter a bug in deleting rows in glide tables?
when I mark rows for deletion, not all rows are being deleted, as you can see in the gif below I marked all the rows and after deletion the 1st remain. in other cases I had 2-3 remainng.

also, is there an easier way to delete many rows? what will we do when need to delete thousands of rows in one time? mark each row? :man_facepalming:t2:

BUG in glide tables - delete3


@yinon_raviv Related?

Yes. Deleting rows in the editor is something strange and slow

Not sure. In my case even though I checked all rows and hit delete some remained and I needed to delete again

I hope there’ll be a better solution soon as I needed to delete about 300 rows today and it wasn’t a pleasant task

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I’ve seen this too. It doesn’t seem like deleting multiple rows at the same time is a good idea.

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BUG in glide tables - delete 4

BUG in glide tables - delete 4

I had encountered that twice and it seems that its not only in rows

It takes time to compute and fails to do it all at once

Even more weird. After deleting a full glide table of rows, all the rows had returned so I deleted them again and they re-apeared and only in the 3rd time the deletion lasted and the rows disappear


yep, I’ve also seen this. Very flaky, and random. Sometimes deleting a row via the editor works first time, and at other times it takes 2 or 3 tries to make it stick.

How do you delete a row in a glide table from inside the data editor? I can’t seem to find this functionality.

You click on the little square on the far left, right before your first column, then hit delete on your keyboard.


I’ve also experienced slow and sometimes inaccurate deleting of rows. That said, it’s still better than having to do it from inside the app!

This issue seems to still exist. It happens when multiple rows are selected in the GDE. The issue is that the deletion takes please from the first row selected “downwards” rather than from the last row selected “upwards”. When an algorithm deletes “downwards” it can cause issues since rows “below” the currently deleted row will “move up” and therefore screw up the row order for the subsequent deletion. We had a similar scenario this morning. @Mark it’s strange that this still exists?

@V88_Google @yinon_raviv can we get some videos/screenshots / app links / support links at support@glideapps.com ?
Thakns guys,

Hi. From what I can see this is totally repeatable. Add 10 rows. Select rows 2 - 5. Hit delete.

Yeah, same here. If I select multiple rows in the data editor and hit delete, one to maybe a handful will actually delete. They may all disappear momentarily, but a good chunk of them return. Even when clicking individual row checkboxes and hitting delete on each one in rapid sucession, several keep returning and you have to delete them a second, third, or forth time.

Good thought on the issue being that the deletes are happening top down as opposed to bottom up. I believe that’s a known issue with scripts, zap, integromat in google sheets as well. I suppose the row index moves on all following rows when’s row is deleted and the delete sometimes fails on those following rows


Or even worse, you delete the wrong rows :scream:
I’ve been bitten by that one before. I have scripts that delete rows, but I always work from the bottom up.


This is one of the main reasons that prevent me from really embracing the the glide tables as well as not being able to search data in the editor itself which makes life super hard when having hundreds or thousands of rows

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Deleting rows is glide tables is not working. After deleting a row and inserting a new one, the deleted row appears again.