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Getting great feedback on my first app from users. In the “old days” pre-covid, it was a common practice to hand an interested prospective customer a brochure or flyer with a business card stapled to it. This is my 2020 solution - on steroids.

I created this for a direct sales downline, each distributor has their own duplicated copy that includes custom user data and pulls universal product data from a master spreadsheet via an importrange function.

The user enters their data on a landing page form ( that is password protected (current pw is “prosperity” if you wish to view). Then my magical elves (that would be me) copy/paste their data into a duplicated copy of the master app and send them their new app link. They are then required to add their profile photo - this gets them to log in and see how they can later modify their information themselves if phone number or website, etc. changes.

I have set it up so that if I change their status from active to inactive on the Gsheet, their contact info changes to a different one - this will allow anyone they shared the app with to still contact an active distributor if the user leaves the company.

By keeping the product info on a master sheet, I have designed the app so that I can add new videos, stories, or even products, and it will push to all users - I plan to do a monthly update and then just need to open and refresh each app to get them all updated.

The biggest challenge so far seems to be the confusion about how to save to home screen, so I am in process of gathering screenshots for IOS/Android versions and finding a place to make them available.

I’ve tinkered around with a lot of test apps and this is really my first one going out to multiple users, so I am both excited and a little nervous at the same time. Appreciate any feedback or suggestions to make it even better!


@kabookie Well done :clap: wishing you great success.

Could you use anything here to help with adding to Home Screen?

How many users are you expecting?

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Thank you. Will probably end up with a about 200 users I’m estimating

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Great work, congratulations!

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That’s a really nice app. Would you be willing to share it?