My first app! GrocerMNL

Hi Guys, I made my first app with Glide after discovering it last month from Reddit.

Here it is:

It’s a directory app of essential stores that deliver in our main cities :slight_smile:
Any feedback is appreciated as well!


Clean design, I like it! Do you plan to offer in-app purchases anytime in the future?

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Hi @ThinhDinh! hhm no. I plan it to be just a directory app.

I was thinking of offering a fee when a business wants to add theirs, something like that. Still working on those ideas.

By the way, would you happen to know if it’s possible to get users to be prompted to sign up ONLY when they want to set a favourite, add a review or rate?

right now, i set it up as they have to sign up because it’s a requirement for the Favorites function

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The favorite button automatically tells them to log in. You can change your app to a public with email app, assign a user profile sheet, then switch it back to public.

Have a tab in a public app that filters by IsFavorited = True and show them only when user email is not empty (meaning they have to log in to see that tab) and can do so either by tapping the favorite button or login via the menu on the top left.


Regarding the reviewing or rating, you can assign a comment section for the reviews, it automatically tells them to login as well in a public app as far as I aware.

Not sure about the rating, may you try it and let me know?

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Nice work :slight_smile: i suggest you to split telephone numbers in different columns for a better UX when users try to contact a store via SMS and Phone buttons


Very creative idea, this app may need in my country too. Thank you for show me the idea.

you’re welcome!

Thank you so much! I’ll go ahead and try this out

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Oh right. So I have a few stores there where I have the landline and mobile phone together, split only by a slash. Thank you so much! I’ll work on that