Welcome to the glapp.store

Hey folks,

So i’ve been working on a side project recently and feel it might help us out going forward.

I give you the glapp.store

As you might be able to guess this is a dedicated “app store” for all our Glide apps(and others technically but don’t tell anyone , yet)

Features are all the basic ones you would expect from an app store :

  • Featured Section on the Homepage
  • Categories
  • Top Rated
  • Review & Ratings
  • Upload/Edit your own app submissions
  • Direct “Install” Link
  • Comments

Shameless plug for reecord.ai that’s the only submission so far :smiley:

Let me know what you think and hopefully we can see some apps being added soon.

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Appreciate the feedback.

I think that’s the default position for the sign up button…maybe I can add a button component for it also

You need to sign up to add an app to the store , I can definitely add something to the ui for that

Hadn’t really thought off being a niche , rather just an open store for everyone to use