Restaurant apps from glide - my first app

hello, I from Poland. My name its Piotr. My first app I make 2 months. Every days around 2 h. someone people can check my job? thank you

someone people check?

Your app requires a sign in and you have exceeded your monthly user limit, so nobody can sign in to see your app.

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what I can doing? please

You need to check your privacy settings, determine if users are being counted a public or private users, and see if your plan allows for the number of users you want to have access to your app. If you need to allow for more users and you still require a sign in, then you may need to upgrade your plan.


I understend but which one ? starter $25 how many user can check my apps ( login)

I don’t know your requirements. I can’t tell you which plan you need. You need to decide for yourself.

You need to study the pricing page. Everything regarding user and usage limits is shown on that page. The Starter plan includes 10 private users, 100 public users, and unlimited visitors if they do not sign in. I don’t know if the starter plan will be enough for you or not. That’s your decision.


ok. now its working :smiley:

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You may want to move some of the tabs to under the User Menu.

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