Boolean values not being read as 1/0

Since yesterday, boolean values are not being parsed as 1/0
All the filtering and visibility conditions have failed.

Is this intentional?
Is anybody else facing this issue?

I have atleast 100 apps which will need their conditions to change if that’s the case.


ouch! :scream:

I can’t confirm because I always use true/false/empty

but, geez…


Same thing man!
I am trying to fix things one by one!
I am hoping Glide Team brings bank the 1/0 :pray:

@Manan_Mehta and in my case in the GDE the Boolean value is shown as true but the visibility doesn’t see it as true. But when the value is set again from app to true then the visibility setting: show tab when value is 1 works.

Hope for a quick fix

It wasn’t that way before right?

No. It is new behavior. Just stumbled on it

This for me also. No longer reading Yes/No. Filters all need to change to True/False. I still dont know what overall impact this is having but I’m using booleans regularly. Thought I’d lost my mind this morning. Probably not great practice to use Yes/No in the first place but I’m sure the glide team are conscious that if functionality is there it cant be removed without warning (unless I missed the warning).

Hoping for a quick turnaround here. Thanks

I had that issue more than once. I often use column number 0/1 both for visibility condition or filtering and use with ITE column.

Hi @Mark, could you confirm wether or not this is a bug?
We are probably hundreds of users who will have to re-check one by one all our columns and custom actions due to this new behavior (cf. 1 not anymore recognized in boolean, TRUE is now required). It means also many users who in a night cannot use our apps anymore.

Thanks in advance

We’ll fix this soon. Apologies.


Thanks @Mark
Is there an approximate timeline to this?

I can confirm that this problem has been fixed now.

Thanks @Mark for the quick turnaround.


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