Bookstore app

I run a portuguese bookstore in Macao, China. Here’s the app we made for our clients:
We’re still testing it and collecting feedback to be sure it’s a project to invest in, so it’s still quite empty. The Literature in Portuguese category is the one we started by, so it’s mostly there that you’ll find books. The others are still empty or almost empty… If you click « Start here » and fill in your preferences, the Home screen will change a bit, as it filters the new arrivals and suggestions by your favorite themes and authors (again, we’re still testing…).
The events area was greatly inspired by the Piao app (namely the « today » and « this weekend » part - thank you @George_B!!).
I found a lot of answers to my questions in this community - thanks!!
If you have any cool ideas to improve it, please let me know!
Thank you, Glide team, you rock!!


We’d currently need to be sent a pin. I assume that is required in order to log our preferences.

@filipa Very well done! Impressive!

@Les_Henderson yes, it looks like you need to log in so it can track your preferences using your email address.

First of all , lately but congratulations for your app…then if you’re from Macao this means the app , Glide is working in China isn’it ?

Yes, it is.

That is so good to hear ,GREAT !!! ps.with Google login ?