Bolla (delivering documents)

Hi Gliders,

before to showup my current application a short introduction of myself, that as far as I remember I never did it.
I’m an Italian who are currently live & working in Japan. In my past I worked (still working maybe) for several years as a Business Analyst (in the Bank sector especially) and contextually following the development.

Now, I’m currently working to a quite sophisticated application to deliver documents from a Master shop (a Food producer) in Japan to clients (seller Shops). And I’ve designed for this reason 2 application, the central one (Master) and the peripheral ones (clients) that are insisting on the same DB.

There are some interesting features that I’ve developed using the Googlescript only (not using the Zapier nor similar), like the automatic update of the DB from the seller shop via Import of GoogleMail into the application triggered once a day from a specific GMail label, and some other in the way to be developed, like the automatic email to send once the manually introduced EVENT is arrived close to his date.

Just le me show you the features:
1st the Passcode, a map where the user may access the application without using the email (this is especially good for those clients that doesn’t like to add their email anywhere):

the CSS scripts helps to show it up better, thank to @Lucas_Pires @ThinhDinh and @Uzo .

Then we have the OFFICE menu, since I like to bring the reality in the virtuality (likewise our reality :face_with_hand_over_mouth:) I make it real


Where every 1/4 of the screen is independent and call a different action, but it is also interactive, since it changes in case of Expiring date for Payment or else
The buttons below are helping me to add a menu on the bottom of the screen instead to have it hided. And onestly I like to have nice icons on the screen.
All the functionalities are under the check of the user rights, of course.
We have statistical data that are quite important to verify the shopping activities:

The payments that can be associated to different Bolla (Delivery document) in order to complete the payment information (perhaps sometime the client pay in different ways in different time)

The events (that as I wrote before will trigger an email send 2 days before his date).

and finally the Bolla that as I said the Interactive menu make me easy to understand if there is any expiring for payment:

Inside it I can immediatelly been adivesed in case of expiring (before X days) ITEMS on client side so that I know where is my goods and what is their own status. Clicking on it I can have the list of those items with a propers Flag that indicate to me the status

Further on that I can duplicate the Bolla, that’s in order to save time:

Or I can have the details of the whole Bolla, with the Gross and Net amount, total items delivered and sold out, percentage to deliver to the clients, the associated payments and the eventual messages (inquiry msg) from the clients to the master shop

Further on this I’ve created the automatic Import of SOLD Items from the shop using GoogleEmail and Googlescript features, and then i create a log like the following:
(NEW) from 9 to 10 in Bolla(19) day: Tue Nov 09 2021 20:46:19 GMT+0900 (Japan Standard Time)
(NEW) from 8 to 9 in Bolla(19) day: Tue Nov 09 2021 20:46:06

a similar log is created in case of manual changes for each item, that in order to fix back data in case of manual input mistakes:

then I’ve the possibility to print out or visualize on web the Bolla and as well the customer can do it:

Click Here to see the video with explanations:

and here the application (but please, if you go inside do not touch too much, is an alive version), use the Passcode 123456 to access on it:


Awesome. This is a clean and inspiring app.
Thanks for sharing.

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I could login without entering the 123456 password. Is it normal?

@MIKAHEL Looks good :star_struck:

Actually yes, because I removed an HIDE action from the Office menu :sweat_smile:
Now Im fixed it!

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Thank you! Obrigado!

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