Blown Away

This morning I received a WhatsApp asking if I could assist with a way to present data in a Google sheet for our local community businesses.
I first looked at spinning up a Ruby on Rails app as I’m good at that but the hosting part can be costly and it would require ownership.
I then thought about other ways and recalled seeing an ad or something sometime back about generating apps from spreadsheets. As luck would have the first solution a Google search returned was GlideApp.
Within minutes I had the data presented in a way that pleased the person who request the solution.
I spent a bit more time through the day and our community is pleased so far.

I now want to create apps to help small businesses but unfortunately Stripe does not currently process payments in South Africa.

for those who would like to see it.

That aside still hope to use it to help people in other ways.
Thanks for this great solution.


Just a comment…
Change your main screen to DETAIL view, and add the directory as an inline list.
On top of that, add the button to fill out the form.

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Thanks for the feedback. I have made several changes.

Hi David, welcome to the community, and well done for presenting a quick solution!

For a further detail of @eltintero’s feedback, here’s where the problem lies:


As @eltintero has pointed out, you should add a “Form” button for your form, and you can do it natively here instead of pointing to a Google Forms link. Make sure to have a sheet containing all the required headers, and link the entries to the right columns.

You can read more about it here:

If you need assistance, feel free to comment here or message me.