Blank Inline Lists

Hi! Out of nowhere, my inline lists are displaying blank in my app. It was working fine, now nothing is showing. The data looks fine in the glide editor. The datasheet is a public directory I created using lookups from my business profiles sheet. Under each category, there should be an inline list. Did I do something wrong? Thanks!


Bit of an obvious question, but are the lookups working fine?

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Or are you viewing as a user that doesn’t have access to that tab?

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@PabloMFalero @Robert_Petitto Ah I figured it out, I added row owners to the original ‘business profiles’ sheet. Didn’t think that would carry over to the public directory since that specific column isn’t added as a lookup.

Another thing I noticed when I created a relation column for Row ID so I can have these look-ups- the first cell contains the title, instead of a dash, is that correct?


@Jen_NYCP - I believe that I’m to blame for this, for giving you bad advice, apologies.

However, I can give you a workaround that I have tested, and does work.

Essentially, do the same thing, but instead of doing the lookups in Glide, do them all in the GSheet.
So as well as an arrayformula for the RowID, do the same for each column you want to expose in your Public sheet. So it will look something like this:

The arrayformulas are in the first row, eg:

={"Row ID";ARRAYFORMULA(Users!A2:A)}


Yup that’s the way I’ve gotten around some RowID “issues” (that aren’t really issues haha). Create a copy of the necessary columns in the GSheet and link them together using the RowIDs.


heh yeah, I had based my original advice on that thing you did with your manager/employee approvals. I’d bookmarked that post because I intend to use the same technique in one of my apps. But I hadn’t actually tested it :crazy_face:

Felt bad when I saw that I had led @Jen_NYCP up the garden path, so obliged to come up with a workaround. At least I know what to do in my own app now :grin:

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Ah! this might be better than having to create 30+ lookups which I had to do twice because I changed the sheet name and reloaded the sheet without knowing, so everything blanked out :frowning:

I’m afraid if I change the lookups to these array columns this I would have to re-do my components again; had to re-do when moving the synced data from the business profiles sheet to public directory sheet??

The lookups are working, but I was just wondering about that first cell, why it doesn’t have a dash like the others.

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mmm, unfortunately I think you would have to, yes

That surprises me. You still have Row Owners enabled on your “Private” sheet, yes?
Are you saying you’re able to pull data from that sheet via lookups with Row Owners enabled and that data is publicly visible? (that’s not what I found when I tested just now - hence my workaround suggestion).

Or did you remove Row Owners?

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Oh no no, I removed Row Owners, that’s why it wasnt working for a bit. The workaround will work even with row owners enabled? So far I do not have any data being pulled from that sheet so it’s not being downloaded, but was thinking for future uses.