Blank inline list (phone only)

Hi gliders,

I am having a issue where the in-line list is blank on the phone, but on the PC (dev-side) it shows up fine.

phone screen-shot


Which inline list are you referring to here? The spinner is an inline list? Or the list just below it?

the wheel image is a inline list

Where is the image stored?

glide sheet.

I think Jeff mean to ask if it’s a Drive link or a Glide link.

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yes glide link inside a glide sheet

Can you share the url for that image?

no idea how to get a URL from a glide table :frowning: of a image that is uploaded to glide

Change the image column type to text or add a component that displays the url as text, or add a button with a copy to clipboard action that copies the url, then paste it here.

here is one of the links

note: these show up fine when used with a image component

Maybe I’m confused. I thought the entire spinning wheel was one image. The image you shared is just one little portion of that wheel. It looks like you are using a lot of CSS in your app, so now I suspect that you have a problem with your CSS. Can you explain how the spinning wheel works and what components are used to build it? I thought it was one whole image. Now it seems that you are building it from a lot of separate parts, but I don’t understand how.

sorry, this is the correct link

the spin screen like 2 CSS

So just to confirm it’s one image only right? Can you show us a video of a demo spin?