Photo uploaded.... but not displayed in Inline lists, etc

My app’s URL:

Hi! I have an app for collaboration at an event.
The user has to create an account - and upload a photo (required)
I am testing - so only test users - and two new users at the bottom, Patrick (my son, testing at home) and Daniel (real person)
Daniel uploaded a photo… I can see it when looking at his Profile… but the Photo is NOT available in the inline list views! Weird
I have saved the spreadsheet, screenshots of the Glide sheet, and screenshots of the app - and how I have set up the components.

(note the Markup text for his contact buttons has also gone wonky… I am trying to track that down myself as it seems to be within the sheet.

Thanks! Mark

It might be because the image was uploaded with the format .heic

The user helped me by redoing the photo - and then it worked.
(I did search to see if this might be an issue but I did not find anything - obvious at least). Thanks.

this problem still exist, any solution?