Images don't appear on my phone

I am a teacher for young child and I have created an application for the parents of students at my school, but I am having a problem.
The images inserted in my sheet and appearing on the screen do not appear on the application of my phone.
Thanks for your help !

at one time did the images appear on your phone?

Where do you store the images? Do you store it on your Drive or on Glide’s storage?

Have you added an image component that generates an image based on the data in the spreadsheet.

No, I never think.

I store the images on my google Drive.

I don’t speak English well so I’m sorry if I don’t understand your question. When I hover the cursor over my spreadsheet, the images appear in thumbnail.

Try adding an image component in your app tab

Good evening everyone, I sincerely thank you for your help, I finally found the solution. You just had to activate the “share the link to all” feature.
Thank you to you and have a good week !

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