Billing Cancel Plan

Describe the bug:
“Cancel Plan” does nothing when on a non-profit plan.

Expected Behaviour:
I’m very grateful to have been approved for non-profit billing. Despite the lower cost, fundraising is falling short & I need to pause Pro & Starter development features until cashflow balances out.

How to replicate:
[Need to have a Non-profit plan]; Click the white Cancel Plan button under the Billing section. I then selected “Upgrading a different app” (as I do have multiple beta versions of the same app to be extra sure I don’t lose data or progress if I make a mistake). Then click the red Cancel Plan button. Refresh the page to be sure. I mean, I’d hate to go through the non-profit onboarding process again, but there should be an automated way to pause the plan & revert to “Free” as there is for accounts that are under other paid plans?

I think you can ask @kyleheney to help with this.

I think it’s best to contact Support directly on this. I’m guessing that since the Non-profit plan needs to be manually approved as a special price-point, it can’t be as easily deactivated as a regular plan and requires some manual process as well.

Here’s the link to the Support form: Form

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