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Hello, does anyone know how to do it? Sorry for my clumsiness.
Before it was very simple to downgrade a PRO app and assign the plan to another
now I can’t.
I have the app where I want to upgrade, and it doesn’t give me the option, it just sends me to the payment page.

I get the credit, but it doesn’t give me the option when I want to upgrade to use it. but it asks me again to pay

Hola @Tuttografica

Si vas a Settings > Billing > Cancel plan, te manda para la página de pago también?

Hello, after several attempts, I was able to cancel the plan where I had the application 1
Now the goal is for application 2 to have that previous plan.
And that’s where I find the problem. because it does not give me the option to assign the plan to another application


El sistema aplica automáticamente cualquier crédito que tengas. Ahora si tú app tenía un Legacy, no podrás obtener el mismo plan ya que ese plan fue descontinuado en septiembre 2020.

Thanks for your answer Santiago. The plan is not legacy
To make it clear to me and I do not want to create a charge on the customer’s card.
If I complete the purchase, would I only take the available balance?

@Tuttografica it will take the available balance plus the difference if there’s any.

If the available credit is bigger or enough than what you need to pay, then it will not be any charge on the credit card. At least till the plan renews.

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it worked.
Previously, the process was simpler. Greetings

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