I Cancelled my Plan (BY MISTAKE)

I had in my mind to downgrade … what can I do ?

So you have downgraded your plan by mistake and want to upgrade again?

I was on Pro plan and my intention was to downgrade to Starter. In order to do this, I Cancelled my Pro plan and i chose Starter…but my App is blocked now because “this app has reached its usage limit”.
What can i do to have a working App ?
Monthly Renewal is tommorrow and the Usage Update is on 09/20/2022…

You should be able to upgrade it again. Have you tried that?

In order to do this, I have to pay the Pro plan for next month and at the end of the month I will have the same problem…

I’m not sure I follow. Which plan do you want - Pro or Starter?

From your comments, it sounds like your usage exceeds the limits of the Starter plan, so you probably should be on the Pro plan.

When you originally cancelled your Pro subscription, you should have been given a pro-rated credit for any time remaining. So if you subsequently upgrade to Pro again, the cost should be adjusted to take that credit into account.

I was on Pro plan because i needed more than 2500 monthly updates at that time.
Now, 2500 updates will be ok for me. So i downgraded to Starter. But my app is blocked till the next monthly usage renewal… 09/20/2022.

Maybe the solution is to upgrade again to Pro plan, pay for the next month an than downgrade, before reaching 2500 updates. This way I will have a “credit” for the next 4 months…

Yes, that is what I would suggest.


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