I cannot cancel my non-profit subscription

When I try and hit “cancel” it shows me a spinning wheel forever. I can’t find an e-mail to ask for cancellation either. Even past posts about this issue that have links to support forms bring me to a broken page.

This is infuriating and I honestly have never had so much difficulty trying to cancel something. It’s ridiculous.

Please help.

Can you help with this @kyleheney ? Thank you.

@George-Glide should be able to help! I think that since it’s not a “usual” plan it needs to be cancelled manually by Glide Support.

Please go to our Help Center and create an “Open Billing Inquiry” ticket. That will provide us with all the necessary information to address your issue. Make sure to provide us with the email of the Glide account so we are able to find it. Also note that if you cancel a non-profit you will not be eligible to apply for it again for 12 months.