Big Number - Date in US format change to Normal

Hi there I noticed in the big numbers feature it displays in the US date format MM/DD/YYYY. Is there currently a way to change that to DD/MM/YYYY ?
It would be great if we can make it user specific so if USA users want the US date format.

That’s actually how it is supposed to work.
Can you show me the configuration of the column that is the source of the Big Number?


Ah true thats what i was thinking as well.

When i login from my laptop the date format has updated correctly.

big numbers date format AUS from laptop

But when i’m on my desktop PC it changes to USA format for some reason. My PC isn’t using VPN or anything to put it in a different time zone, so i’m wondering what is Glide reliant on to update the format?
If the format updates automatically based on timezone, then if a person is travelling from say USA to AUS would it automatically update the format when they login from Aus? This could be confusing for users. Really appreciate advice.

It should respect whatever the browser is set to, regardless of time zone. Check your browser’s language settings. If it’s set to US English, that may explain it.


Ok true ill check it. Thank you for the info.
It would still be great to have the option for users in the App to set the format as a preference just in case it updates unintentionally.