Big Moan - user profiles - hiding tabs - App: sheets - Documentation - You Tube clips

So I’ve been building an app with Glide for a few weeks and keep hitting obstacles and, by the way, I haven’t read all of the documentation

  1. I started my app without creating User Profiles as I hadn’t seen anything about it at that stage. Why isn’t a table like this created automatically!

  2. Why on earth can’t we define tabs by screen without having to resort to “visibility” with User Profiles

  3. Why can’t we access Apps: tables with having set up stuff like {‘Apps: Sales’!A:Z}

  4. The documentation is pretty poor and now that the design environment has drastically changed, You Tube clips are not the easiest to follow

  5. I spent ages trying to work out how to get people to sign in, read a description of the app and then make a simple payment in order to be able to use the app - that I did after hours of work. Surely a small section on “monetising” an app would be useful. And now that I’ve done all of that, I find that I cannot hide the tabs until they have paid unless I use User Profiles which I have now added and which don’t seem to work. How do you sign in when you’ve already been signed in on the same device?

  6. On top of all this, the $12/month plan seems to have disappeared

  7. I’ll spend a few more hours on this app but I would imagine I’ll be dumping it quite soon

I should have checked all of this stuff before I started but most of it is so obvious that I didn’t think it was necessary

We all need a moan once in a while :smirk:

All I would say is don’t give up, glide is great once you understand the concepts and how it works.

This will come from reading the docs and the posts on this forum. If you get stuck simply asking this friendly community for help.

Like any software there is a learning curve which everyone has to go through. You need to understand how the software works and whether it will meet your needs before diving in a building something (easier said than done I know)

Anyway a few bits for you below

Are you referring to this? Best to read all of it Basic plan has disappeared from pricing options

The new glide builder is a change for sure but the concepts and features are the same. The documentation is good :relieved:

You may or may not want users to sign in, depends on what you are trying to achieve. With sign in you can choose what the user will see or can do, it’s up to you as the developer to sit down and plan it out and then build it.

Conversely if glide created the initial app with user profiles you would also then get folks saying “why have you created this automatically, I don’t want this”

I have rambled on long enough now, got to take the dog out :dog2: hopefully some of this helps.


Regards the users sign in, and quite a few other features, this tutorial is great. I followed this one before I built my first app and it made a huge difference to understanding sign in, data privacy etc

It doesn’t take too much time.

Also with apps, don’t expect to get them right first time. If you feel you have made a fundamental mistake by building without user sign in, it is worth going back and building a version 2. I promise it doesn’t take anywhere near as long as it took to build v1 as you are copying what you already know most of the time, whilst adding some new features you have discovered along the way.


yep! before you build App for sale… make a pilot app and test it with your friends…

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