Basic table not showing

I have a “Basic Table” set up on a form. I have 20 items, and in the first row it is “Item 1” on the left side and “Item 2” on the right side. Row 2 is left side “Item 3” and right side is “Item 4” and it continues down 10 rows to have all 20 listed. If I have an odd number of items, the list does not show the last item:

For Example: Item 1 = AB, 2= CD, 3= EF, 4 = GH. 5= IJ and all the rest are blank.
Should display as:
But actually displays as:

If I have only 1 item, the table does not show at all.

IF I reverse it so that I start with “Item 1” on the right side of the table and put “Item 2” on the left side, then if there are an odd number of items all the rows will show, even those with only one entry.
So if I set it up with “Item 1” in the first row, RIGHT side, then “Item 2” in first row left side and continue with the odd numbers on the right side, all rows will display.
(Blank) IJ
If I only have 1 item, it will show on the right side of the table
(Blank) AB

Now that it a kind of a “fix” but when items are listed in alphabetical they will then not be displayed properly and the table should – by common use - start from the top left corner

How can I have the Table show a row when there is only one item listed on the left side of any rows in the table?


I think the basic table was designed and intended to have a heading on the left and a value on the right. So the left and right value are co-dependent on each other and if there is no value on the right, there is no need to show the heading on the left. I guess what you are attempting is a little out of the scope that was intended for that component.

There are a few hacky ways around this, like creating a self relation and adding several list or card style inline lists based on that relation. Another option is to stick with the basic table, but populate all the right hand columns through an if/then column that checks those empty right hand columns and if they are empty and the corresponding left hand column is filled, then return maybe a space or empty character so it is populated with invisible characters instead of being empty.

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