Limited elements in Basic table

Hello Gliders !
Happy to have an opportunity of receiving your help!
I have tried to avoid features which give issues, but there are some imperative ones I can’t skip.
This time it’s basic table. The list of details only shows three lines, although more lines are set. Please see my screenshots.

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The basic table will only show items when the column is not empty. You’ll either need to populate the empty columns, or use a series of IF columns that will either return the value in the column if not empty, or return something like an empty character.


Just after posting my question, I have found out that if any of the elements don’t have a value, the element is not shown. Pity.
So here is another question: Can this issue be fixed ?

Thanks a lot for this lightning-like answer, Jeff!
Where and how should I apply IF? I have tried it in Glide-Basic table-options, it didn’t work.

You can create IF columns in your table. For example, set one up like this:

Notice, the Else looks empty, but that is where I pasted the empty character. It’s a valid character that’s invisible, so the returned value from the IF will never be truly empty.

Then you can display the IF column in your basic table instead of the Model column.


Thanks, I have tried this, but it didn’t help. The empty elements stayed empty and therefore haven’t appeared in the app (I have used empty tag, as in the link, as well as 0 for mileage)
The Workspace disappears every time I add If-then-else and there is a record of the conditions added on the left, is there a way to remove some of the conditions?It only lets me delete all elements of the screen. Is it normal?


Here’s how I did it.

Thank you


Thank you Dilon!
If I understood correctly, I can not add IF function to the existing cells. The only way to do it is to create the cells using IF function.

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If function will not change existing column/cell. It will add a new conditioned column. So there will be two series columns. You just move the basic table to the If-then-else column, it will definitely appear.
Maybe the link below can explain in more detail.


The way @Dilon_Perera set it up looks exactly like how I would do it. You keep your existing data columns, but in addition to each of them, you add a matching IF column. The IF column is what you display in the basic table.

I’m not sure I understand your problem here. Do you have screenshots or a video showing what’s happening?


Thanks Himaladin!
I have created few required conditional cell, added lines in the basic table, which consist of text and value.
Text had to be typed in on the left side and on the right side I have chosen the If-then cells.
It all worked out!
Now I can sleep well ! )


Jeff, thanks a lot for the help!
It’s my first app and I’ve just started it.
Have a great evening!


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