Basic table showing empty data

i’ve look in the search but cannot find any topic or information about this.

If i create a component - Basic table with ex. 10 data rows and in 7 of those data rows have data, then it still displays 10 rows where 3 rows are empty.
Is it possible so it doesnt show those empty rows?

See screenshot below:

The bot is confused.

The basic table component should behave as you expect. Are you positive those columns are completely empty?

Can you click on the Data Peek view at the bottom left of the builder and screen shot what it shows please?

Hi Darren,

im positive.
See screenshot:

Two initial thoughts:
I suspect the IGAUx template columns actually have a space in them. Seeing that you have a Unit code, is your template joining a number and a unit with a space in between? If so, then those columns definitely aren’t empty because the space is still there.

If that’s not the case, then I wonder if the lookup column is throwing it off. Just for something to try, what happens if you take the IG10-TXT column and run it through a template column, then display the template in the last part of your basic table?

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Sherlock! My money is on the template column since it fills all the rows out in a column.

If the added space is the culprit you probably need an ITE column to make sure your ‘empty’ IGAU(#) output columns are truly empty. More columns - easy/fast compute.

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Another thought I had is to include the space wherever the units come from. Then the template can be structured without a space and should hopefully be recognized as empty if both the number and units are empty.

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The problem was indeed the “space” in the template of IGAUx.
Im gonna try and fix it with another ITE, since the units come from an input column.


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