Does a 'Basic' table only show to admin users?

I have added in a ‘Basic’ table and it shows a number if number is > 0. (visibility rule).

I note however it only displays if user is an Admin. If that is how this object works - what object can I use as an alternative just to show the field value?

Sorry - my mistake. It does display.

Nope still an issue. The data vanishes in the column for some reason. : (

Can you show a screenshot from the data editor of the column concerned?

I place in the integer values (into table myself) works for a bit when testing - then values vanish (something trigger the column to clear on values)


Tested 3 first rows ALL have a value - first 2 worked then 3rd didnt and column values emptied out.


Gotta to go out back in 30 minutes… see table column now empty?!


The reason it disappears when you switch users is because you are using a User Specific Column.
You’ll need to delete that column and add it again, and make sure you don’t check the “Column is user-specific” box.


Fixed and successfully tested. Loving the support even for noobs like me. Thanks.

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